I was on my way to bed. I flick on the light and voila! I found Murphy like this. He must he overheated and needed to cool down. I just find it hilariously cute!



81/365 – Saturday Hike with the Murph

I had a lovely hike with the Murphy-Doodle. He is becoming a great dog to take on Trail Hikes with! He would go on ahead a little bit and would come back at my call. He is sooooooo tired and I am so pleased with myself for this!

Inspired by the Daily Post photo challenge, they prompted for a phone photo of myself and my pet, which in this case is this cute little guy. Here is my Murphy. Being away from, I miss this guy a lot – especially when it’s stressful at school with essays coming at you out of nowhere.



ANOTHER Murphy post

So I just came home from school and Murphy is already being adorable – chewing away at my stuff animals that my mom has found in my room.

You can’t stay mad at this guy. Just too cute. Even snuggling up to it.

Can I get a unified AWWWWWW.






Another Murphy Post

I really miss this cutie pie!

Murphy 4

I have been trying to find new ways to keep my now 11 month puppy happy and busy. I have been making him smaller ice cubes but I thought a larger version filled with hot dog pieces and biscuit treats. He’s been at it for the past 10 minutes and hopefully it will last longer!




With these photos, I tried using HDR FX iPod touch app and I’m content with it. It only takes one picture at a time and takes a minute to edit but if you’re in no rush then I would recommend it!

Murphy day 2




This is Murphy, my now 10 month old puppy. Yesterday, it was nice and warm and Murphy had a ball in his pool.
Today, it has become more of a typical Canadian spring day and it’s cold.
But my little Murphy is a dog of simple tastes. No expensive dog bed for him. One simple pool is good enough bed for this pooch. That’s my Murphy.

I used the King Camera for the first time and I’m quite impressed. Definitely going to use it again!