Welcome to my blog! This is a place where I mainly post photos and attempt to out do myself with each shot. There may be the occasional rant of something but I find it extremely healthy to just let it out.

This upcoming September, I am going to start my new journey of completing my Bachelors of Film and Media Production. I hope to use this blog as a site to practice my photography and film skills and share them with you!

As well, I do own a Golden Retriever named Murphy. He is about a year and a half and he is such a goof ball and so photogenic. So if you love both artsy photography and dogs, then stick around!

I am currently in love with using my iPhone for shots! It is just the convenience of having my phone with me and walking around between classes that I see an awesome shot. And the quality ain’t bad either. I do also own a Nikon 3100D DSLR that I do intend on using more but those are for days when I am either procrastinating or weekend.

If there are any suggestions or critiques of my work – please let me know! I want to improve as much as I can and would love the input!

So I am really just a girl with a camera; wanting to capture the world around her in hopes of sharing a bit of what I see with you.


Camera Girl


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