Oh. My. Gosh.

The Musical “Book of Mormon” was in Toronto last night! It was amazingly crude but extremely hilarious. I fully understand now why they won all those Tonys and so many more!

From the minds of “South Park”, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and composer Robert Lopez, comes a simple story of Mormon Elders completing their mission, but in reality it is more than that. It’s a well put together story of two elders who discover themselves. One falls from grace as an “up and coming super elder” while the other is trying to make himself, and his disappointed father, proud. They travel to Africa in hopes of completing their mission.

This musical gem established itself through its numerous quirky and raunchy numbers. They are quite suggestive which makes it 10 times more comical. I would definitely recommend this show, especially if your looking for a fresh take on comedy. Also, This is not a show for younger audience members!!!!!! I would only recommended this show for an adult audience.

(PS, you will never look at frogs the same way again.)

I was especially happy to be out tonight as it is one of the few times this year my family have all been together. I really appreciate this time together, especially when I am at school.


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