Cannibal! The Musical – Movie Review

215px-Cannibal_the_musical_13th_anniversary_dvdTonight, I began my break from all things post secondary education with this film: Cannibal! The Musical. Filmed in 1993 as a student project by the future creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It was then released with Troma Entertainment in 1996. It is directed and stars Trey Parker, as well as: Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, Toddy Walters, Jason McHugh, John Hegel and Ian Hardin.

I am not a fan of cannibalism. I cringe at the very thought of it. That’s why I was a tad hesitant to watch it. But since I am going to be watching this duo’s acclaimed Broadway hit “Book of Mormon” in a few weeks, I felt like I needed to see what I am going to be getting myself into in regards to musicals.

If “Book of Mormon” is anything like this movie, then I should be very excited.

This has become one of my favorite comedies, despite the whole cannibalism aspect. Yes, the movie does begin with a gore filled cannibal attack but it didn’t deter my interest. It provides a good introduction for what the film is about. The story is of a man who is on trial for murder and cannibalism. Essentially, a woman talks to the accused to get the real story, which is told through a musical style narrative.

One of its many strengths lie in the musical numbers. They’re simple, yet affective and hilarious. They range from feeling warm like a baked potato to making a snow-woman named Shannon. It didn’t take away from the story while in fact it added the right amount of comedy to the story.

The gore and horror aspect comes into play as another comedic tool. There is one scene with a man with a puss filled eye. It is a cringed filled moment but you laugh along to the pure absurdity of the situation. Parker pushes the gore effect to its comedic limit – even in the final scenes which a man is killed but HE JUST WON’T DIE. Again, I am not a gore fan but Parker does it in such a way which I can’t help but laugh.

Overall I would recommend this film if you are a fan of South Park. I swear at one point I thought I heard Cartman singing the chorus of the song. It is a fun movie to watch and I would recommend watching it with a group of your closest pals! You will find yourself singing along. All I recommend is that you eat before watching… But not your friends of course!


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