Guardian of the ForestThis is the one photo that I said I saw as a Tree Dragon. I was walking along and I saw that this fallen tree and for some weird reason, I was like:
“This could be a dragon.”
And it led to this.
I really want to give this little guy a cool name… something like Norse or Elvish or something along those lines.

I used photos from to make this Tree Dragon possible and I want to make sure that I acknowledge everyone’s images that I used to make this possible.

The teeth: “Just warming up” by Pandiyan. Photo credit: Pandiyan / / CC BY-NC

The eye: “cocodrilo” by R’eyes. Photo credit: R’eyes / / CC BY

The Skin: “Snake Skin” by Pipistrula. Photo credit: Pipistrula / / CC BY-NC-SA


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