In honor of today being St. Patrick’s, here’s an Irish themed post. Now, you’re probably wondering why are there Grackles. Well, a couple years ago I was on a family trip to Ireland and one night we stopped in Killarney,. We decided to walk along the streets one night and all along the roof tops were a HUGE murder of crows (that’s what you call a group of crows right?). Anyway, what makes this scary for me is that 2 weeks prior to this, I watched “The Birds” by Hitchcock. Lets just say that I now have a fear of large flocks of birds. Thank you Hitchcock.

Well I know that these aren’t crows but they seem a lot like them… Still scares me.

As well, I had the honor of kissing the Blarney stone. Apparently Churchill kissed it too.

Finally, I was able to take so many beautiful photos of the country side. It is such a beautiful country!

Anyway Happy St Patty’s day! Enjoy the green beer and joyous company!!!


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