Taken and edited at 2 o’clock this morning. I couldn’t sleep. Nasty, negative thoughts kept me up. I hate when this happens.

I lay awake. Sleep will not come, yet I crave a moment of earthly silence and a moment of peace. Constant nagging of the mind causes eyes to be awake and a soul troubled. I thought I was stronger than this. I thought I was gonna be ok. Maybe I was lying to myself to avoid the pain, but in fact that just made it worse. An ignored injury will eventually be discovered and will then take longer to heal.

So much for sleep tonight.



3 thoughts on “40/365 – when insomnia strikes.

  1. A familiar friend of mine. Comes when I don’t expect it and stays until he’s ready to leave, not a moment before. I like you, can do nothing but to surrender.

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