Photo Shoot – Downtown Style

Its been a while, I know. Life just gets in the way and is all like “You busy? No?… Now you are.”

The other day, I was on assignment for my mother  to take photos of downtown. These are some of the shots I took – Enjoy!

As well, I am in the market for a new lens for my Nikon. Any suggestions? Especially a lens that does macro…


Murphy 5

My brother and I caught this little rascal in the act. Simply hilarious!


Murphy 4

I have been trying to find new ways to keep my now 11 month puppy happy and busy. I have been making him smaller ice cubes but I thought a larger version filled with hot dog pieces and biscuit treats. He’s been at it for the past 10 minutes and hopefully it will last longer!




With these photos, I tried using HDR FX iPod touch app and I’m content with it. It only takes one picture at a time and takes a minute to edit but if you’re in no rush then I would recommend it!