Portfolio #7 – I want summer to be here NOW

I am a summer girl.

I love summer. I love the heat. The bright, long days. The warm breeze. The cool, refreshing dips in the lake. The satisfaction of a cold drink and/or ice cream from Dairy Queen. The crickets chirping. The Sunrises. The Sunsets. The blue, blue skies. The sun-tans. Lying on warm grass. The walks through trails.

In general, just being outside is something I look forward to every year.

Every time I look at these photos, I get really excited for the possibilities of what I can do.

Of course I want to work – this girl can’t be paid for just being awesome.

Damn it.

I hope to be rowing as well. Of course waking up for 5 am practices are hell, but it is worth it. Being awake and on a boat at 530 in the morning is quite an interesting time to be awake. Its super quiet. No one sane enough is awake and that leads to a calmness in the air. Now that I have a nice camera, I want to take some photos of these mornings.

Maybe not this summer, but one summer in the next 3 to 4 years, I want to travel. I am not sure where but since I am becoming a young adult, I want to be independent and do some things for myself. I am starting to piece together prices and what I would like to do.

Coming near my 20’s, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for someone (a student) who wants to travel. How much should I save? Where should I go? What to bring? For how long? Tours? Hostels? Volunteer Trips? Anyone with advice and tips please let me know! I would love to hear from personal experience.



2 thoughts on “Portfolio #7 – I want summer to be here NOW

  1. Puerto Rico is amazing. Great food, great beaches, nice people. Very warm weather! The most expensive part is flying there but you can get on the internet and search for deals on flights. I know some people who pick a place like Puerto Rico, get a job there and live for about a year. Then, they pick somewhere else, get a job there and live for about a year. It’s a great way to really learn about the culture.

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