“The Night Pat Murphy Died”

Awesome thing of the day? I GOT MY G2. Meaning, I can now drive on my own with no parental supervision.

Epic, I agree.

So. As I am currently typing this (at 12am), my clock on my computer tells me it’s December 16th, 2011. Today, I would have survived Katimavik. I would have sadly have made my good byes and would have been on my way home, feeling more accomplished then when I left. I would have come home to experiences that only one would have if they took the chance to really get to know Canada and all of her glory. I would have come home with a great deal more confidence and assurance of who I am and gain a more developed idea of where my path will lead me.

Now back to reality.

Yeah, I’m sad I’m not a Katia-victim. I was watching a video the other day of the group and what they were doing. They made a video of themselves and I knew it was shortly after I left cause… well… I’m not in it. But that’s ok. If any of them are reading this, I want them to know how proud of them I am and how honoured I am to have met you all. Thanks for the memories, Merci beacoup!

But, I have made huge accomplishments while back at home as well. I’m continuing on with my education. I got a couple of jobs and making some decent cash. I am really proud that I am more aware of my funds (not saying their perfect but at least I am more aware of my situation). I just got my G2. I’m currently cross training for rowing for 2012 season. I am more aware of things I want to get into (mental health, travelling, hands on work ect.) The one thing I want to work on is being happy with what I have accomplished, who I am and who I am becoming.

I want to finish this post with sharing my pal Murphy, probably my best-est best friend in the world. He’s a 7 month old golden retriever. We decided on his name a day before I left. Our original intentions were to name him Bill from “True Blood.” It was a good name and we thought that would stick.


The day before I left for BC, I bought the live album for Great Big Sea (a must – they are THE best live band ever.)  My mom and I were listening to the album in the song and one song came up: “The Night Pat Murphy Died.” My family comes from the east coast and we were second-guessing our decision with Bill for a dog’s name. Right then and there, Murphy was his name.

Thanks Great Big Sea 😀

I missed his really young puppy days when I was out in BC, but ever since I have been home, Murphy and I have been inseparable. We always go to the dog parks; any chance we get. I play fetch in and outside the house and I let him on the couch and he would just snuggle his head right up against my leg.


It began apparent of our relationship when I came down the stairs one morning and he could have been begging attention from my mom, who was right beside him. Nope, there he was: wagging his tail and looking straight at me. I have never had a dog be that excited to see me. Not even my last dog, Riley, who only was excited to see you if you had a handful of treats.

Is that treats in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (ahaha)

So Murphy, even though I was sad to have left BC and miss out on finishing Katimavik, you make being home worth it. 




One thought on ““The Night Pat Murphy Died”

  1. HI; I noticed that you have subscribed to one of my blogs: “The Ghana Project/Key of Hope”. I just thought I’d tell you that ministry is no longer active (hence-no more blog entries). I keep the site open because there are lots of knit patterns on there for people who might want to knit afghan squares for themselves. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer this past August and decided that it was time to close that ministry. I’m doing fine and have finished radiation treatments; currently I’m knitting chemo caps for people at the cancer center.
    Best Wishes;

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