Objectives in life are closer than they appear – K. Nicholson

As I am in Katimavik, I need to post this:

“The views or opinions posted on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or the values of Katimavik. The author takes full responsibility for his or her opinions and does not hold Katimavik or any third-party accountable for the posted content. The author freely admits that his views may not be the same as those of the organization.”

Firstly, I am currently in Vanderhoof, British Colombia. It is 10:50 here and outside, you can still see the blue sky.

I am sitting at the makeshift  plywood table that is covered in painted images of previous groups before us.

I have been here for 5 days – or as long as it has been since Wednesday the 6th. In one sense it has gone by quite slowly but on the other hand the time has flown by! We have work tours tomorrow and I want to work outside as much as possible! I used to work at  a Leadership Camp and I am still in a camp mood – and lo and behold there is a day camp here in the city! I definitely want to get on that! As well, there is a chance to work at a Museum, at a hospital, a Fair trade coffee shop, a random jobs business and so much more!

The scenery around me is fan-tab-beautiful! This province is beautiful! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be living here! The people here are so kind and friendly! I am excited to get to know them better and hopefully they will get to know me as well!

The house dynamic is coming along quite well! I am one of the older members of this group – most of the others have just graduated from high school. They are just getting used to taking care of themselves. It’s interesting how they are getting used to it while I have already kinda already done this with Trent University. I believe that most of the people do Katimavik for this reason but I have others.

My reasons are kinda different. I too want to find my purpose. University has made me realize of the world out their but I felt like something was missing. I believe that Katimavik is filling in that void. I have never really experienced Canada in this way – really only as a tourist. This way, I can gain an insiders point of view of the world outside of my home town. By doing this, I gain a better sense of Canada and what it means to live in it.

As well, I am learning some really cool things! I am improving my grade 9 french and as well I am working on my ability to take care of a home, especially my cooking abilities. When others are here to experience life on their own for the first time, I am sort of doing that as well. I have done it as well but this is like a test that I studied for in University.

As well, I think that this will give me an excellent time to reflect on my life. At this point, I have had limited time to actually reflect on my life. School, school and even more school has kept my focus on a career. By doing this, I believe that I will gain a better sense of who I am and what I want to accomplish. Sure, I may be taking a half a semester off from school and I will be missing Trent Rowing like a fat kid misses cake at boot camp, but I think Katimavik was destined for me. Sort of. In a sense, it is a time that I may not have for a long time. Time for me. Sure, school is sort of that time, but this is time to develop ME. I have had limited time to do this. Being such a long ways away from home will let me really challenge this development.

I have had moments which I thought doing this may not have been a good choice, especially being here and now and realizing what I am missing. I look on Facebook constantly and see my friends doing things with rowing and school and I truly miss that life. My friends from Trent has given my first true feeling of acceptance. High school was awkward in the sense that I felt like an outsider. I did find my bestie at another high school but Trent was the first time that I felt like a unified acceptance. And it is only highlighted more with being out here and away from that life.

I know that I can go back to that life easily. And I know that going back to that now would not help me in any sense. I can’t even go back to rowing as they have “rowed” off without me. And it is too late to sign up for courses. Not that I wanted to go back to the academic side of school but I miss the social aspect of school and I am not going to lie, I have had  depressed moments of missing that life. That part of my life is extremely important me and I know those people who care about me will extremely proud of me for doing this and as can’t wait for me to come back and get back in our shenanigans.

Hehe. Shots will be back.

So I am enjoying each and every day in BC. I will never have a oppritunity like this ever. And school is not going to stop me. I am 18. I am still a youngin. School will always be there but my time is limited and precious. I am going spend it the way I want to.

Phew. That’s all. It is 11:21 and the last lingering specks of blue sky still linger in the night sky. What is up with that? So, to end tonight’s post, my quote:

Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experience: Ralph Waldo Emmerson




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