Why Magizology Matters

Weird title I know. I randomly opened the book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by Newt Scamander. It is quite the read, let me tell you.

Too bad its a Harry Potter collectable.

So. Unlike yesterday, this will be a shorter one. It is 12 past my bedtime and I’m lacking the creative juices I would have if I was in the proper, rested state of mind. Today, I participated with the bestie at the local Art for Peace festival. And it was a blast and a half. The stands were promoting local community organizations for greener ways of living and saving some species that is in danger. Out of all of the activities and presentations, the one that captured my attention was the bubble station. I was the most noticeable child in this setting, as I tower over the younger members of the community.

I have been focused on work for the past two month, prepping for my big move to British Colombia and a serious university bound student. But what captivated my attention for the majority of the afternoon was the bubbles. I just stood there as my creations would float in my hand for one moment and either pop or float on by, off towards bigger and better things.
I LOVE bubbles. For some reason, I am captivated by their shape, their size, their colours, the patience to make one and the capability that you can have one float in your hand and easily become the most magical moment of life. I search for the simple things that just add that little bit of flair that makes life enjoyable. It doesn’t need to cost much or not even anything at all. All it really can be for me is bubbles. Bubbles.

I lived a simple, yet extraordinary day today. No big deal.

And that is my Magizology matters. To find that little magic in all of our lives, matter. To find that little moment of bliss and pure enjoyment, at least for the most part, makes my life just a little more enjoyable. To someone else, that little magic may be gardening, running, writing, being with someone we love. Finding those little moments is critical. It reminds us that life is more than just bills, marks, war, killing, and everything else icky and depressing. Sure, life needs a balance of shit and pure golden moments, but I am a firm believer that life hands us a sack of shit to be able to then let us appreciate the finer, golden moments just a little bit more. I feel like this year in particular I may have forgotten that, especially with school. I feel that I may have forgotten to take the critical step back and be like “Its not always about the marks.” I feel that if I could have remembered that and as well appreciated that critical advice, then maybe I wouldn’t have been as hard on myself.

Who knows.

That’s all for me for now. Todays quotes runs along the line of simplicity and yet it packs a punch of pure truth.

“If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy


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