Ok, today is gonna be a short one cause my brain is fried to a crisp. I went down to Stratford, Ontario to watch the new hit musical in the province “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The basic story to this musical is that this is the final week of Jesus’s life. He kinda knows that it’s the end for him but he doesn’t know how. Enter Judas. He thinks that Jesus doesn’t have a proper plan. Due to lack of organization, Judas is all “Jesus needs to get arrested by the Jewish Priests and the Roman emperor.”

And then we all know what happens after. No happy ending here.

Firstly, LOVED the costumes. I would have worn them myself. It was like Bohemian chic… Ok, just did a search on the costumes. Maybe not, but its sort of like Arabian sort of attire was combined with Bohemian. It was really loose and very dreamy. Again, these pieces would be in my closet. The set was divine. Basic staging: have a stage that faced the audience. It was cool at the end as the musical broke the “4th wall” and was actually amongst us at one point. I would have LOVED to have worked lighting for this show! The use of lights was fantastic! It was just like a rock show! They were vibrant and all over – but it never felt like too much. It becomes overwhelming when they are flashing all over and they change color too often within a short amount of time. I like consistency. Speaking of which, the only thing I disliked about this production was the lack of dialogue. Ok, yes, it’s a musical. Majority of it has to be singing.

I accept that.

At the same time, I am agnostic. The only time I have picked up a Bible was when my mom performed at local churches with the local concert band. I have no idea what the story of Jesus is or who or what the other disciples are and what they did. Sure, they did sing what they were doing during the performance. AT THE SAME TIME, I felt that it was extremely overwhelming and frustrating to try to pick up the story while their singing. In musicals, I associate singing with extremely emotional waves of passion and thought. A character needs to channel some frustration.

Insert musical performance.

And in most musical, characters have a lot on their mind. Don’t get me wrong, these actors can sing! They were godly! (bet you didn’t see that coming) It just felt like there was not time to slow down and process what was happening cause I wanted time to take in what I am seeing and that happens when characters are sharing dialogue.

Other than that, I enjoyed this production. A lot! It has re-sparked my passion of stage production. I love to work behind the scenes of theatrical productions. Since grade 10, I have been apart of productions. It’s not an easy feat but it is worth it. If anything, I enjoy management. I see myself as a strong stage manager. I have the ability to organize the chaos (but I can’t seem to do that for my own room…) At times, I feel like I am sheep dog: herding the actors and the crew into positions and have them do what I ask them to. At the same time, I also don’t mind doing some of the grunt work; the things that people may not enjoy doing.

I have taken a break, as one would say, from the theatrical world. I would have loved to but due to unfavorable series of events that happened at Trent, I became extremely discouraged to continue with my time in theatre at school. My original plan was to get a degree and then go to college for stage management. Since then, I have changed to just get a degree and then do stage management on the side like a hobby if I even do it at all. Watching the play today reminded what I love most about theatre. I had the ability to wow an audience’s mind through vibrant lights and classic staging. I have the ability to control the loudness of the music and I control the actors and tell them what they need to go and do on que like a puppeteer. I enjoy that power and yet do not take it for granite: as it was said famously “With great power comes great responsibility” and I take that quite seriously. That’s why I love stage management. Sure, there are some true divas and directors can be harsh but to me, the focus to please the audience overrides the fear of let down from one or two people.

The question for me right now is confusing. Do I still want to pursue theatre? Do I want to leave it as a hobby? There are other opportunities for me when I return to Trent that can be different then the one I experienced this year. And possibly, I may need to accept the role of the lowest of low to get higher up in later years. Who knows. I do hope to get more experience before I make a final decision!

Phew. That was a large weight on my shoulders that was forming on my ride home. I know these are mostly personal stories but I think what I hope to get from this blog is a oppritunity to connect to the world with similar stories and experiences. I want to be able to have someone read this and say to themselves:

I am not alone it seems.

Yeah… that’s all from me today. Today’s quote comes from the Dalai Lama:

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” 


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