Beginning of something new, yah?

Hello world! TheTimeLady here! I guess its my turn to join the blog band wagon! It has taken me some time to decide so many things like: which site to write on, how to get started, if I really wanted to do this and yadda yadda yadda.

To be honest I was sort-of a procastinator.

So since this is my first post, I don’t necessarily want to go over the top and write a world changing blog post. Instead, I just wanna ease into it like anyone would with a scoulding hot bath. I don’t wanna rush into this and be all:

“I’m bored with this now, lets do something else”

So, to start us off, I found a website that gives journal prompts and really random questions to spark the writing jucies in the old noggin. One of the questions that made me giggle to myself and thought it was perfect was:

“What is your favorite chess piece?”

Never really thought of it. Actually, I am not all that good at chess. My main strategy is to charge all at one and hope that the pure unstragtic plan would cause my opponent to be so flabbergasted that I would swoop in and get the almighty checkmate.

Mwahaha… To date, I have not won a single game.

BUT, I avoid the question. My favorite chess piece would be… the Rook. I am sure that many others would choose the Queen or the knight. But the Queen is always a target. EVERYONE wants to get rid of the queen cause it is universally accepted that if you take out the Queen then your chances at succeeding are increased majorly. Plus, for some weird reason, I feel that the Queen is the bitchest piece in the chess world. She can do whatever she wants, go wherever and take out anyone she wishes, To me, those who act as though they have all of the power and show no restraint are quite intolerable. The Rook on the other hand, now that is a piece. It is strong, reliable and sadly underestimated. I feel that the Rook is the powerhouse of the chess world. The Bishop and the Knight are sneaky bastards but the Rook, it gets the job done. Though it can only go horizontally and vertically, once its got the space to run around, it is like the Juggernaut: an unstoppable force of pure awesomeness.

As well, when I do get lucky, I really enjoy using the Rooks to force checkmate. How? You have a Rook above and below the King. This way, the Rooks are pinching the King into a tight corner and then, BAM, checkmate.

So yeah… That’s my answer. If you want to provide your own answer, right down below in the comments.

I want to end all of my blogs with a quote. Here’s one of my favorites!

“Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson


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