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Hi world, incrediably short post today, BUT.

I wanted to show these movies I found when I was stumbling on Stumbler. This short film is so amazing and fantastic! Whatever I say or try to do to make it sound amazing will not do it justice, cause this one of the few things in life that needs to be seen to be understood and appreciated.

This film is called “The Butterfly Circus”. Directed by Josh Weigel and stars Nick Vujicicas. This is truly an inspiring film about being able to overcome any obstcle in your life and as well being proud of who you are.

I just checkd over the main website and found out that they are making a featured film! I am really excited! The website is:

If you want to watch the film, it is in two parts on youtube.

Part One:

Part Two:

Again, definatly recommened watching this film! I am not usually one to cry in films and this made me bludder up like a child who missed her favorite blankie.

Todays post will end with a quote from Arthur Clarke:

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”


Why Magizology Matters

Weird title I know. I randomly opened the book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by Newt Scamander. It is quite the read, let me tell you.

Too bad its a Harry Potter collectable.

So. Unlike yesterday, this will be a shorter one. It is 12 past my bedtime and I’m lacking the creative juices I would have if I was in the proper, rested state of mind. Today, I participated with the bestie at the local Art for Peace festival. And it was a blast and a half. The stands were promoting local community organizations for greener ways of living and saving some species that is in danger. Out of all of the activities and presentations, the one that captured my attention was the bubble station. I was the most noticeable child in this setting, as I tower over the younger members of the community.

I have been focused on work for the past two month, prepping for my big move to British Colombia and a serious university bound student. But what captivated my attention for the majority of the afternoon was the bubbles. I just stood there as my creations would float in my hand for one moment and either pop or float on by, off towards bigger and better things.
I LOVE bubbles. For some reason, I am captivated by their shape, their size, their colours, the patience to make one and the capability that you can have one float in your hand and easily become the most magical moment of life. I search for the simple things that just add that little bit of flair that makes life enjoyable. It doesn’t need to cost much or not even anything at all. All it really can be for me is bubbles. Bubbles.

I lived a simple, yet extraordinary day today. No big deal.

And that is my Magizology matters. To find that little magic in all of our lives, matter. To find that little moment of bliss and pure enjoyment, at least for the most part, makes my life just a little more enjoyable. To someone else, that little magic may be gardening, running, writing, being with someone we love. Finding those little moments is critical. It reminds us that life is more than just bills, marks, war, killing, and everything else icky and depressing. Sure, life needs a balance of shit and pure golden moments, but I am a firm believer that life hands us a sack of shit to be able to then let us appreciate the finer, golden moments just a little bit more. I feel like this year in particular I may have forgotten that, especially with school. I feel that I may have forgotten to take the critical step back and be like “Its not always about the marks.” I feel that if I could have remembered that and as well appreciated that critical advice, then maybe I wouldn’t have been as hard on myself.

Who knows.

That’s all for me for now. Todays quotes runs along the line of simplicity and yet it packs a punch of pure truth.

“If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy



Ok, today is gonna be a short one cause my brain is fried to a crisp. I went down to Stratford, Ontario to watch the new hit musical in the province “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The basic story to this musical is that this is the final week of Jesus’s life. He kinda knows that it’s the end for him but he doesn’t know how. Enter Judas. He thinks that Jesus doesn’t have a proper plan. Due to lack of organization, Judas is all “Jesus needs to get arrested by the Jewish Priests and the Roman emperor.”

And then we all know what happens after. No happy ending here.

Firstly, LOVED the costumes. I would have worn them myself. It was like Bohemian chic… Ok, just did a search on the costumes. Maybe not, but its sort of like Arabian sort of attire was combined with Bohemian. It was really loose and very dreamy. Again, these pieces would be in my closet. The set was divine. Basic staging: have a stage that faced the audience. It was cool at the end as the musical broke the “4th wall” and was actually amongst us at one point. I would have LOVED to have worked lighting for this show! The use of lights was fantastic! It was just like a rock show! They were vibrant and all over – but it never felt like too much. It becomes overwhelming when they are flashing all over and they change color too often within a short amount of time. I like consistency. Speaking of which, the only thing I disliked about this production was the lack of dialogue. Ok, yes, it’s a musical. Majority of it has to be singing.

I accept that.

At the same time, I am agnostic. The only time I have picked up a Bible was when my mom performed at local churches with the local concert band. I have no idea what the story of Jesus is or who or what the other disciples are and what they did. Sure, they did sing what they were doing during the performance. AT THE SAME TIME, I felt that it was extremely overwhelming and frustrating to try to pick up the story while their singing. In musicals, I associate singing with extremely emotional waves of passion and thought. A character needs to channel some frustration.

Insert musical performance.

And in most musical, characters have a lot on their mind. Don’t get me wrong, these actors can sing! They were godly! (bet you didn’t see that coming) It just felt like there was not time to slow down and process what was happening cause I wanted time to take in what I am seeing and that happens when characters are sharing dialogue.

Other than that, I enjoyed this production. A lot! It has re-sparked my passion of stage production. I love to work behind the scenes of theatrical productions. Since grade 10, I have been apart of productions. It’s not an easy feat but it is worth it. If anything, I enjoy management. I see myself as a strong stage manager. I have the ability to organize the chaos (but I can’t seem to do that for my own room…) At times, I feel like I am sheep dog: herding the actors and the crew into positions and have them do what I ask them to. At the same time, I also don’t mind doing some of the grunt work; the things that people may not enjoy doing.

I have taken a break, as one would say, from the theatrical world. I would have loved to but due to unfavorable series of events that happened at Trent, I became extremely discouraged to continue with my time in theatre at school. My original plan was to get a degree and then go to college for stage management. Since then, I have changed to just get a degree and then do stage management on the side like a hobby if I even do it at all. Watching the play today reminded what I love most about theatre. I had the ability to wow an audience’s mind through vibrant lights and classic staging. I have the ability to control the loudness of the music and I control the actors and tell them what they need to go and do on que like a puppeteer. I enjoy that power and yet do not take it for granite: as it was said famously “With great power comes great responsibility” and I take that quite seriously. That’s why I love stage management. Sure, there are some true divas and directors can be harsh but to me, the focus to please the audience overrides the fear of let down from one or two people.

The question for me right now is confusing. Do I still want to pursue theatre? Do I want to leave it as a hobby? There are other opportunities for me when I return to Trent that can be different then the one I experienced this year. And possibly, I may need to accept the role of the lowest of low to get higher up in later years. Who knows. I do hope to get more experience before I make a final decision!

Phew. That was a large weight on my shoulders that was forming on my ride home. I know these are mostly personal stories but I think what I hope to get from this blog is a oppritunity to connect to the world with similar stories and experiences. I want to be able to have someone read this and say to themselves:

I am not alone it seems.

Yeah… that’s all from me today. Today’s quote comes from the Dalai Lama:

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” 

There’s a sun, and a moon, AND A COCONUT CREAM PIE

Hello once again world.

Weather today: one of those rainy days that doesn’t bother you what so ever. There are days of course where you are walking along and you feel the first spittings. Oh yes, those first little droplets cause you to freeze in your steps. You question if you actually felt it or what it just your imagination. Just when you think you’ve accepted the fact that you’ve gone crazy, spit turns into large downpour of rain.

Just when you accepted your inner crazy-ness.

But that was not me. Sure, it rained. The cool thing was that it was sunny as well. This is what has been generally accepted as “Sun Showers.” I enjoy these showers as it best of both worlds. The feeling of rain on your skin WHILE the sun is shining down on you. Call me weird but I find Sun Showers just the coolest.

I used to work at a Leadership camp and we had many ice breaker games that we would used to learn kids names. We would generally ask what their name is and, for example, what is their favorite color. Of course we would be a bit more creative in that department but you get the gist of it.


So, I have two favorite questions that I would ask or other counsellors would ask. One was “What is your favorite smell.” I have never been asked what is my favorite smell before this year! I have asked many kids that question and you would be surprised of the wide assortment of answers. My own answer would be “Tiger Balm.” You ask yourself “What the hell is Tigerbalm”

Well, my curious friend.

Tigerbalm is a lotion that one puts on their muscles if they are tight and need something to un-tighten them. Sort of like A535. Most popular spots to put them on my body would include: calves, shoulders, quads and oddly enough, anywhere with mosquito bites. It works wonders on them. Now, the smell is similar to Vicks, which is another lotion one would put on your chest when you are having a cold, so it may clear nasal passages.

It’s quite the “spicy, pungent”stench.

I like Tigerbalm not only for its magical ability to relax my tense muscles (especially after a long day of rugby) but whenever I get stressed out with life (which is 76% of the time) I would just take a whiff and it would seem that my whole body would loosen up, as though the smell itself is a relaxant.

The other popular question that would be asked, which was incredibly popular, would be: “Including the ability to fly, what superpower would you have?”. Again, wide variety of answer. MY ability would be the be able to increase the percentage of success with anything I do. Think about it, I could increase my chances of anything! Pass a test, being able to understand a subject so that I may pass the test (gets around not cheating) win a fight (if I were an actual superhero), win the lottery, not get sick, get the man of my dreams, best parking space, find the perfect outfit, succeed with new ability (guitar? saxophone? horseback riding? archery?) and many, many more!

I see this as a reflection of my personality. I have an inner demon that demands that I need to be the best at everything. This ranges from school, work, friendships, and even comparing myself to others. I have these demanding standards on myself that I don’t meet, then I am a loser.

It sucks balls to think like this. I don’t like to say that I am a perfectionist but I do have traits of one. If anything, I am a perfectionist of myself. I see that being able to be perfect at anything and everything as way to be accepted by those around me.

Cause being accepted is the way to go, right?

I am getting better at this, especially in relation to academics. I used to think that if I didn’t get that 80 on that paper then I would be shunned by my friends. You may think to yourself that is a really weird concept but for majority of my life but this is what I believed to be true. It has taken me 18 years to discover that friends don’t really care if you get the best mark or not. They don’t pester you like parents do. They don’t nag at that you got a 65 rather than that anticipated 80. They don’t belittle you as they believe that you are dumb. It took me a while but true friends don’t do that. Sure, if your grades take a DRASTIC turn for the worse than they are going make sure that your ok. For the most part, friends don’t shun imperfection. In fact, they welcome it.

I really appreciate the friendships I made this year at university. I went to a small-sized school in Peterborough: Trent. It was here that I have made some of the strongest connections with people. They accepted me for me and I couldn’t have asked for more. I felt like myself for the first time as they simply wanted what I had to give and nothing more.

At the same time, I don’t expect perfection out of my friends. That’s demanding A LOT. And I know that perfection is a pain in the ass to achieve and to maintain. But as it didn’t apply to them, It seemed to apply to me. I had the notion that if I had nothing wrong with me, then those around me would want to hang around me due to the fact that I had nothing wrong.

Funny how things work out like that.

What I am trying to say here is that I created double standards for myself, which in the end harmed me more than helped. I am not gonna lie and say that high school was a walk in the park. I was an outsider. Literally. I was trying so hard to fit in and my way to do that was through perfection. If your reading this and believe that perfection is the way to go, it’s not. I have learnt recently that being true to who you are and sticking to your “moral guns” is way more important. It has been tough, but it will be worth it in the end.

Trust me.

To end this post, I have a quote that I have discovered recently and have grown to like.

‎”Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss

Beginning of something new, yah?

Hello world! TheTimeLady here! I guess its my turn to join the blog band wagon! It has taken me some time to decide so many things like: which site to write on, how to get started, if I really wanted to do this and yadda yadda yadda.

To be honest I was sort-of a procastinator.

So since this is my first post, I don’t necessarily want to go over the top and write a world changing blog post. Instead, I just wanna ease into it like anyone would with a scoulding hot bath. I don’t wanna rush into this and be all:

“I’m bored with this now, lets do something else”

So, to start us off, I found a website that gives journal prompts and really random questions to spark the writing jucies in the old noggin. One of the questions that made me giggle to myself and thought it was perfect was:

“What is your favorite chess piece?”

Never really thought of it. Actually, I am not all that good at chess. My main strategy is to charge all at one and hope that the pure unstragtic plan would cause my opponent to be so flabbergasted that I would swoop in and get the almighty checkmate.

Mwahaha… To date, I have not won a single game.

BUT, I avoid the question. My favorite chess piece would be… the Rook. I am sure that many others would choose the Queen or the knight. But the Queen is always a target. EVERYONE wants to get rid of the queen cause it is universally accepted that if you take out the Queen then your chances at succeeding are increased majorly. Plus, for some weird reason, I feel that the Queen is the bitchest piece in the chess world. She can do whatever she wants, go wherever and take out anyone she wishes, To me, those who act as though they have all of the power and show no restraint are quite intolerable. The Rook on the other hand, now that is a piece. It is strong, reliable and sadly underestimated. I feel that the Rook is the powerhouse of the chess world. The Bishop and the Knight are sneaky bastards but the Rook, it gets the job done. Though it can only go horizontally and vertically, once its got the space to run around, it is like the Juggernaut: an unstoppable force of pure awesomeness.

As well, when I do get lucky, I really enjoy using the Rooks to force checkmate. How? You have a Rook above and below the King. This way, the Rooks are pinching the King into a tight corner and then, BAM, checkmate.

So yeah… That’s my answer. If you want to provide your own answer, right down below in the comments.

I want to end all of my blogs with a quote. Here’s one of my favorites!

“Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson